Join Us in Supporting a Great Cause: Automotivate Sponsors Charity Cycle Ride from London to Oslo!

Jun 14, 2024 | Automotivate

At Automotivate, we’re not just passionate about driving innovation in the automotive industry; we’re also committed to making a positive impact in our community. This summer, we’re thrilled to announce our sponsorship of an incredible charity event: a cycling journey from London to Oslo. Our very own Paul Squires, Head of Operations, along with three close friends, will be pedalling over 1,000 miles to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and Oslo University Hospital in Norway. This charity cycle ride embodies our commitment to supporting meaningful causes.


Paul’s Inspiring Story

Paul joined Automotivate in February 2024, bringing his expertise and enthusiasm to our team. However, this July, Paul will be taking on a different kind of challenge. Along with his friends Dean Carney, Dan Lomax, and Isaac Blakey, Paul will cycle from London to Oslo from the 14th to the 27th of July 2024. This charity ride is a testament to his dedication to giving back.

The motivation behind this epic journey is deeply personal. Last year, during a trip to the Norway Cup, Paul’s daughter, Ella, suffered a severe injury that required emergency surgery at Oslo University Hospital. The medical team there saved Ella’s life, and Paul has been determined to give back ever since. This charity cycle ride is his way of saying thank you and raising vital funds for the hospital that provided such exceptional care.

The Route

The team’s journey will take them through England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and finally Norway. Here’s a breakdown of their charity route:

Day 1: O2 Arena to Folkestone (71 miles, 7 hours), then take the Eurotunnel to Calais.

Day 2: Calais to Brugge (71 miles, 6 hours 30 minutes).

Day 3: Brugge to Rotterdam (88 miles, 8 hours).

Day 4: Rotterdam to Apeldoorn (80 miles, 7 hours).

Day 5: Apeldoorn to Osnabruck (99 miles, 9 hours).

Day 6: Osnabruck to Bremen (79 miles, 7 hours).

Day 7: Bremen to Rundsberg (103 miles, 9 hours 30 minutes).

Day 8: Rundsberg to Kolding (92 miles, 8 hours 30 minutes).

Day 9: Kolding to Viborg (78 miles, 7 hours 30 minutes), then take the ferry to Gothenburg.

Rest Day in Gothenburg

Day 11: Gothenburg to Kville (84.5 miles, 8 hours).

Day 12: Kville to Fuglevik (83 miles, 7 hours).

Day 13: Fuglevik to Oslo University Hospital (44 miles, 4 hours), followed by a ride to the Norway Cup Opening Ceremony at Ekeberg (5.6 miles, 30 minutes).

Meet the Team

Paul Squires – Cyclist

As Ella’s dad and a former football player and coach, Paul is dedicated to thanking the medical team at Oslo University Hospital for saving his daughter’s life through this charity ride.

Dean Carney – Cyclist

Ella’s referee coach, Dean, was with her during the traumatic events in Norway. He’s excited and passionate about giving back to the hospital that provided such extraordinary care. This charity event is his way of contributing.

Dan Lomax – Cyclist

Dan has always wanted to undertake a significant charity challenge. After hearing about Ella’s experience, he knew he had to be a part of this journey. Charity challenges like this are his passion.

Isaac Blakey – Cyclist

Colleague and friend to both Dean and Ella, Isaac is eager to join this once-in-a-lifetime charity challenge to support a worthy cause.

Ella Squires – Social Media Lead

Having refereed for four years and experienced first hand the life-saving care at Oslo University Hospital, Ella will manage social media and help organize events leading up to the charity ride.

Paul Lowe – Support Vehicle Driver Lead

Known as the “Scouse Ref,” Paul has been a referee coach at the Norway Cup for years and will drive the support vehicle for the charity team.

Mollie Adams – Event Supporter

Mollie is enthusiastic about supporting this charity journey after learning about Ella’s accident and the charity cycle ride.

How You Can Help

We invite you to join us in supporting this fantastic charity cause. While this is not an Automotivate event, we are proud sponsors and deeply committed to its success. Donations can be made to the charity fundraising page, with all proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital and Oslo University Hospital. Your contributions will make a significant difference in the lives of children receiving care at these hospitals.

Follow our journey on social media and stay updated on the charity team’s progress, events, and fundraising milestones. Together, we can make this charity ride not only a test of endurance but a testament to the power of community and compassion.

Let’s pedal with purpose and make a positive impact together!

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