Trade Vehicles

Trade Vehicle Services

Our trade vehicles are supplied on a Trade Sale basis only, no frills, pomp or ceremony, just the best products at the best value.

Trade vehicles are a crucial component of any dealership or fleet looking to expand their operations while keeping costs under control. Used trade vehicles offer a more affordable option compared to buying new vehicles and can be a great way to quickly grow your business. However, the process of acquiring reliable used vehicles can be time-consuming and requires a lot of due diligence. That’s where Automotivate come in. We help source high-quality used vehicles at competitive prices. By working with Automotivate, businesses can access a wide range of used trade vehicles that meet their specific needs, allowing them to grow and expand their operations while keeping costs under control.

If you’re a dealership or a fleet that requires used vehicles, talk to us today.

Trade Vehicles

How does it work?


We regularly have access to newly de-fleeted light commercial vehicles in a wide range of body configurations. These vehicles are usually under three years old, have mostly been in operation with the same customer since new and are supplied on a trade sale basis only. No frills, sold as seen, and reassuringly priced without the usual mark up.


Vehicles are supplied sold as seen, however because of their age many will have a residual manufacturer warranty.

Cost Effective Alternative

These vehicles can offer an attractive alternative to buying new. They are typically low mileage and road ready meaning there is practically no delay in putting them back into service. Added to this their price is, of course, significantly lower than new.



Talk to us about your requirements – even if we don’t currently have access to your preferred vehicle specification , the stock is constantly changing and we can let you know as soon as your preference comes available.

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