Vehicle Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions for All Your Vehicle Needs

We don’t just deliver one-stop Tippers, Dropsiders and Lutons but also provide complex body and fit-out solutions to meet your specific needs.

At Automotivate, we take pride in offering comprehensive vehicle solutions for all your needs. While we do provide a range of standard vehicles, including Tippers, Dropsiders, and Lutons, we understand that sometimes you need something a bit more specialised. That’s why we offer complex body and fit-out solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs from our extensive network. Whether you require  vehicle solutions with a specific type of storage or transport system, or you need a unique configuration for your equipment or tools, we have the expertise and experience to deliver a solution that works for you.

We are what we say we are, we’re auto-motivated.

Vehicle solutions


We help you find the best bodybuild and fit out vehicle solutions for your business requirements to the right quality and at the right price. Whether it is as straightforward as ply lining or more complex such as mini bus conversions or tipper bodies we are able to help.


We don’t sell body solutions – we source them. So for us, it isn’t about encouraging you to take one body solution over another. At Automotivate we take care to qualify your needs, make sure we understand the operation of your business and then help you obtain the right conversion to meet your needs. No conversion is too complex and no solution is too difficult.


Working with a range of competent bodybuilders and converters who have an excellent reputation for workmanship and innovation we are able to source quality conversions at competitive prices. Our selected partners are practiced at delivering to order and on time.


Unlike many competitors, we are able to offer both simple and more complex body solutions. From dropsiders to Luton bodies, from ply lining or more complex body build such as mini bus conversions or bespoke bodies – we are here to help.

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